Savouring Family, Food, and the Earth

Natural Pink Icing with Beet Juice

Food colouring does make icing look spectacular, however, it is not so spectacular for us or the earth.  Artificial colours have been linked to behavioural problems and even certain kinds of cancer, according to the Environmental Working Group.

But what do you do when your child wants pink cupcakes? Well, I’m happy to report that I have an answer you will love. Beets my friend. Beets.

All you have to do is make a regular batch of icing, and simply add the juice from one small beet (about 1-2 Tbsp) using a juicer. And when you do, this is what happens!


How PINK is that! Pretty impressive I think, for a beet (which is not even pink to begin with).

These cupcakes helped us celebrate Eily’s 4th Birthday over the weekend and I’d say, judging by her little grin, that the amount of pinkness was to her liking.



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