This One, Small Act to Cure a Bad Mood

When I find myself in a mood that I can’t stand, or when I can’t believe how messy my house is, I perform this small, simple ritual to make myself feel better; I clean the kitchen sink.

I take my time, scrubbing, and making it as shiny as can be. Then I leave a little splash of water in it, and I add a few drops of my favourite essential oil. When I am done, my kitchen might not be completely clean, but at least one place in it is pure and fresh and taken care of.

It is a small enough task that I know I can complete it uninterrupted, and I feel a sense of accomplishment, however small it may be. But the best part is, every time I walk through my kitchen, the fragrance lifts me up, and that mood I didn’t like, is nowhere to be found.

Lavender growing in our garden

Author: Johanna

If I had to pick one thing, one idea, that could change the world, it would be family. If we could figure out on a very small scale how to consistently be good to each other and for each other, and then bring that love outward into the world, great things could happen.

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