Why we need to Drink in the Loveliness

Spring is such a universal time for people to awaken to the natural beauty of the earth. Though there isn’t a lot of evidence that things will get better (because it’s mostly just muddy) there is something that ignites hope, and the promise of renewal when that first Robin appears.

While I am waiting for my garden to bloom, I bought myself (for the first time ever) a bouquet of flowers for no reason whatsoever. They are bringing me so much joy every time I walk past them, and there is a subtle aroma permeating my living room.

I am of the mind that, rather than waiting for “big” things to make us happy, we can enjoy an abundance of little pleasures sprinkled all through our lives.

That morning cup of coffee, sipped slowly. Savouring a good book. Watching the moon, the clouds, the sunrise. Listening to our loved ones. Feeling grass with our barefeet. All the loveliness that is constantly surrounding us and requires only our observation. Most of the loveliness in the world is free, and can be found anywhere in nature. Anyone can, at anytime, tap in to an unlimited bank account of beauty just by stepping outside.

We aren’t just here to work and pay bills and rush around. As humans, we have the luxury to witness and marvel at the earth on which we find ourselves. We can all take that breath every now and then and fully drink in the loveliness.

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