How to Make Peace with Autumn

Autumn is often viewed as a bitter sting after our fun loving friend Summer has gone. But that doesn’t need to be the case. Each season has it’s own unique energy, and humans are connected to that energy too. After the frenetic intensity of summer, where we’ve thrown caution to the wind, stayed up too late, and gallivanted around, we are ready for some stability.

Autumn is a call to return to rhythm and routine. It’s back to school, back to schedules, and also, a time of new beginnings. Autumn isn’t a downward spiral, it’s more of an inward journey.

We can step back, refocus, and begin to shed that which won’t serve us in the coming months. We can take a cue from nature, who showcases one last, beautiful spectacle of colour, and then, so simply, let’s it all go one leaf at a time. The trees stand stoic, getting ready for their winter slumber, without a single complaint.

Autumn is also a time of abundance and celebration where we reap the benefits of the harvest, gather in thanks with our family and friends, and make preparations for winter.

There is a quality to the light of Autumn,which poet Max Eastman describes, as “So bright and soft and tranquil-rendering…” I love that light. Especially when it falls on the face of loved ones.

So instead of cringing when we see a fallen leaf, we can instead begin to store, not just the harvest, but all of the joy, warmth and colour of autumn, for our (temporary) darker days ahead.

Author: Johanna

If I had to pick one thing, one idea, that could change the world, it would be family. If we could figure out on a very small scale how to consistently be good to each other and for each other, and then bring that love outward into the world, great things could happen.

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