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The Magic of Reading Aloud

You know those moments when your child is grouchy, whiny, or lashing out? Well, there is an (almost) instant cure that will soothe the most troubled little heart or weary body. Reading Aloud. At the heart of this idea is connection, and that’s what children (and any human) need most when they are having a hard time. They need to […]

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4 Ways to be a Happy Mama

In my experience, these 4 things have made the most positive and lasting contribution to my happiness. They take time and consistent effort, but without them, I become irritable, exhausted, and impatient.  With them, I am a source of energy, compassion, and creativity.  Even though I often have to talk myself into making these things a priority, I am always, always, so glad I did!

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My Life without a Cellphone

Prepare yourself for some shocking information. I do not have a cell phone and neither does my husband. What?!! I know. It’s hard to believe, but this is a conscious choice we’ve made, checking in every now and then to see if it’s still the right thing for  us. I fully admit that there are great benefits to having a […]

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