Kid Friendly Nut Butter Energy Bites

This recipe has become a staple in my home over the last few years.  We make these once a week and they are so tasty and healthy and satisfying. Every kid I have ever given one to has loved them, so what more do we need to say? I have lately upgraded some of the…

This Too Shall Pass

As we raise our children, we soon discover there is a fluidity to life  that we cannot stop.  Each moment seamlessly carries us into the next, and before we know it, that moment is gone and a new one is before us.

Making Amends

When I think of the unconditional love that children have for their parents, it almost hurts me. I feel it is such an honour to possess that love, and that we also need to be very careful with these little vulnerable beings who are so forgiving.

What is a Thriving Home?

I don’t think a family can ever be perfect. But I do think that in the midst of the chaos that is inevitably life, we can establish a set of values that guides our actions, helps us navigate the sometimes rough waters, and steers us back to the equilibrium that we deserve.

Why Playing Around Needs to be Taken Seriously

Play is becoming an endangered species of its own. Our over-booked pressure-packed schedules and focus on academic enrichment and achievement has left little time for “free child-centered play.”