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How We Lost a Tooth without the Tooth Fairy

A few months ago, my son informed me that his front tooth was loose.  Ever the skeptic, I said, "Are you sure?" And as I pressed gently on this tooth, I was shocked to discover it WAS loose.  Why was I so shocked? Well, he wasn't even 6 yet, and, how could he possibly be loosing teeth when it feels like he just got them? Didn't I just pour my love over him through sleepless nights of teething pain? And now, it's on to the next stage already.

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What is a Thriving Home?

I don't think a family can ever be perfect. But I do think that in the midst of the chaos that is inevitably life, we can establish a set of values that guides our actions, helps us navigate the sometimes rough waters, and steers us back to the equilibrium that we deserve.

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