Savouring Family, Food, and the Earth

4 Ways to be a Happy Mama

In my experience, these 4 things have made the most positive and lasting contribution to my happiness. They take time and consistent effort, but without them, I become irritable, exhausted, and impatient.  With them, I am a source of energy, compassion, and creativity.  Even though I often have to talk myself into making these things a priority, I am always, always, so glad I did!

When things are not going well

We all have days when things are not going well. You’re grouchy. You’re tired. You have no cream for you coffee. Whatever the reason, you find yourself spiraling and you know an explosion is imminent.  So what do you do? In my humble opinion, you have two options..

Option One ~

Benefits of BabyWearing

When a baby is held in a caregiver’s arms, she is experiencing the world at the same physical level of adults; she sees more, touches more, feels more, and hears more than babies who are carried at knee level in a stroller or car seat.

How to Cook with your Kids

There are so many things we want our kids to learn; Sports, languages, dance, gymnastics, pottery, karate, swimming, piano. The list is pretty much endless. All of those things are great and have their place, but cooking is one thing that gets overlooked a lot.